March Special Meeting

Published / by Secretary/Treasurer

North Greenbush Fire District No. 1

     Special Meeting Minutes – March 22, 2022

Held on Zoom & In-Person


Chairman Rich French called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


Commissioners Present: Rich French (RF), Brian McCrae (BM) and Nick Scifo (NS) and Dan Garab.


Other District Staff:  Deputy Secretary/Treasurer Robert Durivage (RD) were present.


The Special Meeting was convened to consider the offer made for the 2007 American LaFrance Engine Tanker (42-6), by Quaker Street Fire District #1 in Delanson, NY. An offer of $55,000.00 was made by them. If the offer is accepted, arrangements will be made to hand deliver a certified bank check to the District and then schedule a pick up date.


A Bill of Sale was prepared.


RESOLUTION 22R20 was made by NS and seconded by BM authorizing the Chairman to execute and sign the Bill of Sale, selling a 2007 American LaFrance Engine Tanker (42-6) to Quaker Street Fire District #1 in Delanson, NY for $55,000.00.

Chairman Rich French requested a roll call vote:

Rich French    Aye      Dan Garab      Aye     

Nick Scifo        Aye      Brian McCrae Aye      Resolution carried.



MOTION 22M22 was made by DG, seconded by NS to adjourn the meeting at 6:37 PM. Motion Carried.


Respectfully Submitted,





Robert Durivage

Deputy Secretary/Treasurer    

March Minutes

Published / by Secretary/Treasurer

North Greenbush Fire District No. 1

     Minutes of the March 14, 2022 BOFC Monthly Meeting


Chairman Rich French called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was followed by a moment of silence for all departed District Firefighters and recently passed members Thomas Henry, III, DFD and Carol Gauny, WFD.


Commissioners Present: Rich French (RF), Brian McCrae (BM), Nick Scifo (NS) and Dan Garab (DG) were present.


Other District Staff:  District Counsel Terry Hannigan (TH), Secretary/Treasurer Sean Kerwin (SK) and Director of Purchasing Robert Durivage (RD) were present.


Public Session:  

Alan Yetto suggested that training materials and specialized training for Truck Company Operations be offered to DFD members. He also stated that T-42 could possibly be relocated to DFD in the future due to the majority of higher building and growth in the DFD area.


WFD Building Committee Report: 

Joe Cassino reported the following:

  1. The dishwasher was repaired.
  2. The fire alarm system was tested.
  3. What is the status of the copier? RD and SK provided information that the current copier is no longer serviceable. The parts and labor would be equal to a new tabletop unit. The Board will look into this matter.
  4. What is the status of the upgrades to the building? RF and other Board Members provided information on what the next steps will be for the Phase 4 project. It is likely that the District would need to go to Bond to complete Phase 4 or the entire project due to the funds in the Building Reserve account vs. the cost of Phase 4. Joe Cassino requested that a Board member come to a WFD department meeting so they could answer questions from WFD members. DG provided information to all about previous actions of WFD when they were asked to provide input for upgrades when DFD new station was being planned.



WFD President:

Vice President Tiffany Dzembo was present.

  1. A question was asked about the status of a copier. SK reminded the Board that the District does not provide a copier for department operations. However, there may be a need to have a general use copier for District operations.

DFD President:

President Steve Golden was present

  1. Two new members were proposed (Brenden French & Nicholas Rivera).
  2. DFD has two facility use requests.
    1. NYS OFPC / Honor Guard Training 3/30/22 – Brian McCrae/DFD
    2. DFD Inspection & Installation Banquet on 4/23/22 – DFD Executive Committee.

MOTION 22M16 was made by DG and seconded by NS, approving the facility use requests. BM Abstained from the OFPC use request, Motion carried.


Approval of Prior Month’s Minutes & Special Meeting Minutes on 3/7/22:

MOTION 22M17 was made by NS and seconded by BM approving the February Monthly Minutes and special meeting minutes on 3/7/22. Motion carried.


Treasurer’s Report for the period ending 2/28/2022:

SK presented the Treasurer’s Report (Copy attached).

SK also provided highlights for the 2021 Annual Financial report. As required, this report will be submitted to the NYS Comptroller’s office. There will be approximately $43K of 2021 Surplus funds that will have to be allocated.

RESOLUTION 22R14 was made by NS and seconded by DG to accept the Treasurer’s Report as of February 28, 2022 as presented and accepting the NGFD No. 1 Regulatory Basis Financial Report Year Ending 12-31-2021.

Chairman Rich French requested a roll call vote: The Resolution passed unanimously.


Approval of Current Month’s Invoices:   

SK presented the invoices/vouchers for approval by the Board (Copy attached).

RESOLUTION 22R15 was made by BM and seconded by NS, authorizing the payments of invoices as presented for a total of $282,055.96, pending final audit and receipt of any necessary paperwork.

Chairman Rich French requested a roll call vote: The Resolution passed unanimously.




  • Key Bank FDIC Insurance Assets 2-28-2022
  • FAST Team Notification to Rensselaer County 02 22 2022
  • Check Received from WFD $168.00 for Tech Soup Purchase
  • Special Election Results from DFD 3-3-22
  • AFD of NYS Feb-March Fire District Affairs
  • NYS AFD Proposed ByLaw Amendments
  • NYSAFC Hands on Training – Beyond the Basics


  • Letter to No. Greenbush Planning – Partridge Hill Apartments
  • Letter to No. Greenbush Planning – Stonegate Apartments
  • Letter to No. Greenbush Planning – Quackenderry Commons 2



  1. Open Commissioners Position – RF informed the Board that the District secretary received one letter of interest & resume from Christopher Wilson. There is still time for interested parties to send their intentions to SK before the next meeting when the Board may take action.
  2. Proposal for Meeting Agenda & Draft Minutes to Website – RD provided a draft proposal on how the District would publish an Agenda and Draft minutes for the website. This proposal was endorsed by TH. This action is so the District will conform to the new open meeting and FOIL requirements. The Board directed staff to proceed with the proposal.



  1. Lawn Care Contract for 2022 – High Tech Lawn & Snow Service, Ltd. (increase of $550.00)

RESOLUTION 22R16 was made by BM and seconded by DG to approve the 2022 lawn care contract for DFD and WFD with High Tech Lawn & Snow Service, as presented.

Chairman Rich French requested a roll call vote: The Resolution passed unanimously.


  1. Surplus of Fire Equipment Discussion – Recently, both DFD & WFD assembled fire equipment that is no longer needed. Concern was raised due to age of some of the equipment considered to be surplus. There were other tools and hand equipment that could be stored and used at a later date. WFD Chief agreed, but informed the Board that there are space limitations at WFD and this equipment could be stored at DFD due to more space. RF and RD will look at the equipment and see what can be removed from surplus and stored.



DFD Chief’s Report: Report Attached

Chief Burkart reported:

  1. Alarm Totals.
  2. Provided additional justification on the TSU-9 emergency lighting proposal. The board had a discussion on this issue and is not ready to move forward with it.
  3. The older R-42 struts that were damaged have been added to the surplus list.
  4. Asked about the new ID/Accountability Card system with Alpine Software. RF said that the committee is not ready to move forward yet.
  5. DG asked the Chief if Kylie Cotugno has requested to take the flashover training in NYS. Chief Burkart has no new information to provide. DG raised concern about the dissimilarities in helmet shields. He has requested the Chiefs to look into this and asked for other input from Board members.
  6. Purchases: Proposed the following purchases.
    1. DFD Training – NYSAFC Hands on Training –Kylie Cotugno $935.00
    2. Two Red Helmets for captains $590.00
    3. TSU9 modification proposal – Tabled

RESOLUTION 22R17 was made by BM and seconded by NS approving the purchase of two red helmets $590.00 and approved the training request expenditure for NYSAFC Hands on Training for Kylie Cotugno $935.00 in July.

Chairman Rich French requested a roll call vote: The Resolution passed unanimously.


WFD Chief’s Report:  

Chief Littlefield reported:

  1. Alarm Totals
  2. On 2/17 and Battalion 3 Meeting was held at WFD.
  3. Repairs were made to WFD Car 1 hood release, WFD Car 2 to Ferras, WFD Car 3 awaiting a recall, R-42, S-42 to have tire lug nuts checked on 3/7 and 42-7 with pump issue. Annual apparatus service with Vander Molen will start during the first week of April. After a question by NS, the Chief provided an update on recent problems with T-42’s air compressor and other maintenance issues.
  4. WFD attended a wake detail out of the area for past member Tom Mulson.
  5. Attended a classroom reading session at St. Jude’s School on 3/2.
  6. WFD ladies auxiliary requesting training to allow them to provide code 100 and rehab services. The Board will put something together for the Chiefs.
  7. Attended an ice rescue drill at Averill Park FD on 3/5.
  8. The iPad committee will have a meeting on 3/10. The committee should be ready to provide the Board with an update at the April meeting.
  9. An Ice water rescue drill is planned for 3/8 on Snyder’s lake, DFD will also be attending.
  10. Will be providing a list of interior gear needed for 2022.
  11. Would like to work with the purchasing director in looking at dual rated fire gear for drivers and exterior fire fighters. This should conform to NFPA standards on wildland and rescue firefighting standards.
  12. Requested that the current COVID-19 policy be updated or amended. The Board discussed this issue and rescinded the current policy.
  13. Was contacted by Glenn Myers about pump testing. The Board advised the Chief that Vander Molen will be doing that annually.




  1. Quotes on Hose Racks – RF informed the Board about the reason behind this quote. However, he said that the District will need to see what 5” hose is needed. WFD said that they do not need any new hose racks and that all of the spare hose they have is on racks. RF and RD will also look at the hose surplus and make a recommendation.



BM reported on the following:

  1. DFD – Snow blower was repaired by Country True Value.
  2. DFD – The split in the ready room was repaired.
  3. WFD Station Upgrades – SK and RD have worked on a plan that does provide input now. A had a brief discussion on choosing an architect and developing a plan moving forward. The Board directed RD and TH to prepare a Request for Proposal (RFP) that could be considered for architectural, engineering and construction management for the WFD work project.


District Personnel: No Report



Finance/Insurance/Long Range Planning/Audit:

RF directed RD to break out the Long Range Planning task of this committee to its own heading.


SK provided the Board with a draft Request for Proposal (RFP) for financial services last month. RF recommended that the staff send this out.

RESOLUTION 22R18 was made by DG and seconded by NS authorizing the Treasurer to send out a Request for Proposal (RFP) for financial services.

Chairman Rich French requested a roll call vote: The Resolution passed unanimously.


Policies, Procedures & Membership:


MOTION 22M18 was made by DG and seconded by NS to approve Brenden French and Nicholas Rivera from DFD as District Fire Fighters.  Motion carried.




NS reported that the 2021 LOSAP census review is complete. A total of 69 members made LOSAP with 36 from WFD and 33 from DFD.



Business Operations & Technology:

DG reported that he met with the group at DFD looking to make enhancements to DFD’s AV system. Audio Video Corp. was at the meeting and reviewed their proposal with the group. It was decided that DFD would conduct testing with the current equipment and see what the results are before making a recommendation on what new equipment is needed.


Development Plan Review:

BM informed the Board that letters have been sent out to the Planning Board. There are also pending solar farm projects being reviewed.



Firematic Operations: 

RF requests the chiefs consider the impact and possible improved communication between departments when a department is responding to a mutual aid call. For example, WFD emptied their station to go to mutual aid call for a barn fire in Poestenkill and DFD was not directly notified of the potential need for coverage in the WFD area. DFD had a mutual aid call in Clinton Heights, and WFD was not directly notified of the potential coverage in the DFD area, so RF would like the chiefs to review these types of situations.


RESOLUTION 22R19 was made by NS and seconded by BS authorizing the Treasurer to allocate the 2021 Surplus of $42,943 to the Building Reserve fund.

Chairman Rich French requested a roll call vote: The Resolution passed unanimously.




Joe Cassino asked about the pending sale of the old 42-7. RF provided details about the sale of surplus apparatus.

Dave Wilson asked that the vegetation on the retaining wall/property line to the west side be looked at this year.

Dave Wilson spoke to Fire Marshall Bill Miller about the dilapidated building to the west of WFD’s property and that this is a safety hazard. BM from the Board will send a letter to the town of North Greenbush about this hazard.

Dave Wilson asked about measures that could be taken at DFD to decrease energy use. BM addressed the question and said that Carey Electric will be completing work soon at DFD to reduce energy use.

WFD Car 1 is still requesting that the fire alarm problem at St. Jude’s Apartments be addressed with the town and St. Jude’s.

Vice President Tiffany Dzembo thanked the Board for posting minutes on the website. She also had a question on how the Board advertises for open Commissioners seats.



MOTION 22M19 was made BM, seconded by RF, to enter (9:06 PM) into Executive Session for the purpose of employment history or personnel matter of a participating member, Public Officers Law (105, Sub F).  Motion Carried.


MOTION 22M20 was made NS, seconded by BM to exit (9:45 PM) Executive Session, no action taken.  Motion Carried.


MOTION 22M21 was made by NS, seconded by BM to adjourn the meeting at 9:45 PM. Motion Carried.


Respectfully Submitted,





Sean Kerwin



Motions: 16-21