March Special Meeting

Published / by Secretary/Treasurer

North Greenbush Fire District No. 1

     Special Meeting Minutes – March 22, 2022

Held on Zoom & In-Person


Chairman Rich French called the meeting to order at 6:30 PM.


Commissioners Present: Rich French (RF), Brian McCrae (BM) and Nick Scifo (NS) and Dan Garab.


Other District Staff:  Deputy Secretary/Treasurer Robert Durivage (RD) were present.


The Special Meeting was convened to consider the offer made for the 2007 American LaFrance Engine Tanker (42-6), by Quaker Street Fire District #1 in Delanson, NY. An offer of $55,000.00 was made by them. If the offer is accepted, arrangements will be made to hand deliver a certified bank check to the District and then schedule a pick up date.


A Bill of Sale was prepared.


RESOLUTION 22R20 was made by NS and seconded by BM authorizing the Chairman to execute and sign the Bill of Sale, selling a 2007 American LaFrance Engine Tanker (42-6) to Quaker Street Fire District #1 in Delanson, NY for $55,000.00.

Chairman Rich French requested a roll call vote:

Rich French    Aye      Dan Garab      Aye     

Nick Scifo        Aye      Brian McCrae Aye      Resolution carried.



MOTION 22M22 was made by DG, seconded by NS to adjourn the meeting at 6:37 PM. Motion Carried.


Respectfully Submitted,





Robert Durivage

Deputy Secretary/Treasurer