The Organizational Agenda

January 8, 2024


Since the position of Chairman of the Board of Fire Commissioners expires on December 31st, there is no one to act as chairman to open the organizational meeting. The treasurer shall preside at such meeting until a Chairman has been elected. In the case of a fire district where the position of treasurer is appointive, the commissioners designate one of themselves to act as temporary chairman until such time as the chairman of the board is chosen.



The annual organizational meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners started with the nomination of ____________ as Temporary Chairman, resolution made by __________ seconded by _____________.

The Temporary Chairman requested a roll call vote:



The 2024 Organizational Meeting was called to order by Temporary Chairman __________ at 6:30pm on Monday, January 8, 2024.



Pledge of Allegiance and moment of silence.



Roll Call:


Appointment of Chairman and Deputy Chairman for 2024.


On a Resolution by _______________ seconded by _______________ on the appointment of _____________________ as the 2024 Chairman.  

Chairman requested a roll call vote:


On a Resolution by _______________ seconded by _______________ on the appointment of _____________________ as the 2024 Deputy Chairman.  

Chairman requested a roll call vote:



Let it be noted that the Board had directed the Secretary ___________ to notify the media (The Record) of the date and time of the organizational meeting and to have the legal notice published on the Fire District’s Website and the Town of North Greenbush’s Website.


Let it be noted: The Newly Elected Incoming Commissioner, and appointed personnel are hereby directed to complete the Oath of Office and Sign the Oath Book with the Town Clerk by January 31, 2024 per Town law 174(6).





The 2024 Chairman proceeds with the following appointments for the coming year:




Director of Purchasing and Deputy Secretary/Treasurer:





Administrative Assistants:



Special Projects Coordinator:



Review and Approve Bond Insurance on Treasurer and Deputy Treasurer: (see attached)







Schedule 2024 Monthly Meetings:


NGFD Memberships:


Procurement Policy:


Standard Mileage Reimbursement:


Travel Reimbursement:



DFD Chiefs:

WFD Chiefs:

District Chief and Deputy Chief:

 Record Retention and Destruction Policy:

 Adoption of all Current District Policies:

Resolution Pursuant to Labor Law:

 Advanced Approved Payments:

Approve/Authorize Voucher Exception:

 Annual New York State AUD, Financial Report:

Approval Annual Inspection Dinner(s)

Approval of Ethics Committee:

Approved/Authorize use of District Apparatus for Parades, Wakes, Fire Prevention:

Approval of out of fire district training:

Approve/Acknowledge Enhanced Cancer Coverage:

Approval  the New Annual Property Tax Form:





The Chairman made the following Committee Appointments


Motion made by ______ seconded by _______ approving committee appointments listed above. Motion carried.

MOTION made by _____________ seconded by ________  to adjourn the organizational meeting at _____________. Motion Carried.