April Minutes

North Greenbush Fire District No. 1
Minutes of the May 13, 2024 BOFC Monthly Meeting
Chairman Brian McCrae called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. The Pledge of Allegiance was
followed by a moment of silence for all departed District Firefighters.
Commissioners Present: Brian McCrae (BM), Dan Garab (DG), Rich French (RF) and Chris
Wilson (CW) attended. Nick Scifo was excused.
Other District Staff: District Counsel Terry Hannigan (TH), Secretary/Treasurer Sean Kerwin
(SK) and Director of Purchasing Robert Durivage (RD) were present.
Public Session: None
WFD Building Committee Report:
Joe Cassino reported on the following:
1. Provided details on the progress of construction. Sheetrock is well underway and many other
tasks are being completed.
2. RD and Ed Anker provided an update on the Contingency, Incidental & Bid Tabulation
budgets. All expenses related to the project have been tracked to date. RD identified
anticipated proposed purchases that will be reviewed at the June BOFC meeting. We are still
collecting estimates and quotes on some of these items: kitchen equipment, TV/AV
equipment, all furniture, landscaping (near NGAA), Maltese Cross, Flag Pole, Memorial
Area, Plymovent upgrades & repairs, door lock system (S2 Netbox Hardware) and NGFD
server upgrades.
DFD President: Attached
President Jeff Stehr was present.
1. New firefighter applicants, Alan French and James Schneider were proposed.
2. On 04/13/24 DFD held its Recruit NY Open House at the fire station. News media attended,
providing excellent coverage of the event. DFD had four applications handed in from
visitors. Of the four, one was referred to the Maplewood FD in Colonie, as it’s closer to his
residence and one was tabled until fall as the applicant is a HVCC student and went home to
Liverpool, NY for the summer. The other two applicants reside in the City of
Troy. President Stehr made note that none of the applicants reside in the fire district within
the Town of North Greenbush. The President further stated that the challenge of recruitment
and retention should become a matter of record of the fire district, so that hopefully many
years from now, when the time comes to discuss hiring paid firefighting staff, the attempts to
recruit and retain volunteer members is well documented. This may make justifying to the
district tax payers the need to add paid firefighters, which will increase taxes. It also shows
that attempts have been made each year to recruit residents to volunteer and the results of
those attempts can be demonstrated. Next year, DFD suggests the fire district budget for
and work with both departments to send a post card out to all residents inviting them to
recruitment events.

3. Members of the department had a Spring work detail 04/25/24. Several maintenance tasks
were accomplished for upkeep of the station. The department pavilion was opened.
4. DFD has obtained an updated composite photo of its members. The composite and group
photo will be displayed in the hallway next month. They also purchased individual
firefighter photos for each member.
5. DFD will be looking at how they might be able to assist the Tunnels to Towers initiative
being organized by an Averill Park resident.
6. DFD will be participating in the Memorial Day wreath laying and Parade activities.
7. Provided details about a letter that was sent to North Colonie School District by the President
and Chief of DFD regarding an EMS cardiac reversal call.
WFD President:
President Mark Mason was present.
1. Requesting approval for their Fund Drive letter materials.
2. There are no new member applications or building use requests.
MOTION 24M25 was made by DG and seconded by CW approving WFD’s Fund Drive letter.
Motion carried.
Approval of Prior Month’s Minutes:
MOTION 24M26 was made by RF and seconded by CW approving the April Minutes. Motion
Treasurer’s Report for the period ending 4/30/2024:
SK presented the Treasurer’s Report (Copy attached).
RESOLUTION 24R31 was made by DG and seconded by RF to accept the Treasurer’s Report
as of April 30, 2024 as presented.
Chairman Brian McCrae requested a roll call vote: The Resolution passed unanimously.
Approval of Current Month’s Invoices:
SK presented the invoices/vouchers for approval by the Board (Copy attached).
RESOLUTION 24R32 was made by RF and seconded by CW, authorizing the payments of
invoices as presented for a total of $236,663.46, pending final audit and receipt of any necessary
Chairman Brian McCrae requested a roll call vote: The Resolution passed unanimously.
 Greene County Commercial Bank Month-End Collateral Statement 3-29-24
 Greene County Commercial Bank Month-End Collateral Statement 4-30-24
 Letter Received from Stacey Way Resident – TOT NGAA 5-7-24
 Check Received from R. French for Verizon Phone Charge $749.99
 Letter Received Regarding Tunnel to Towers Organization – TOT to DFD/WFD
 FASNY Delegate Information for 2024 Convention
 Check Received from DFD for Quarterly IT Services $194.25
 AFD of NY Fire District Affairs April-May 24
 Check Received from D. Wilson, Jr. for Verizon Phone Charge $49.99
3 | P a g e
BM will send a letter to the resident on Stacey Way informing them that DFD and WFD never
responded to this call.
 NYS HSES Annual Report of FD Demographics
DFD Chief’s Report: Report Attached
Chief Clute reported:
1. Alarm Totals.
2. Very few purchases this month.
3. Will be purchasing one new set of gear.
4. Provided update on apparatus PM & repairs. 9-7 still needs pump test and had a power
steering leak, 9-6 had PM, B-9 had PM, and R-9 had brake work completed which should
resolve the brake problems DFD has been having.
5. Reported on two EMS cardiac arrest reversals.
6. Over the past 2 to 3 months, DFD has recruited 6 interior FF’s. A thank you to the
probationary training unit consisting of: Asst. Chief Dan Sheehan, Lt. Josh Hogan, FF Emily
Pirie and FF Nick Clemenzi who coordinate this training.
7. Raised concerns about the upcoming BEFO & IFO classes that are being held during daytime
hours. This may be difficult for members to attend that have daytime jobs.
8. Box alarms were updated. Noted that DFD & WFD will be responding 24/7 again for many
WFD Chief’s Report: Report Attached
Chief Littlefield:
1. Alarm Totals.
2. WFD has been using JPR for the last 8 years.
3. Provided details about a serious traffic accident WFD responded to recently. Used haz-mat
supplied to contain leaks. These supplies will be reimbursed by the motorist whose vehicle
was leaking fluids.
4. Reminded everyone about the banquet at Brown’s Revolution Hall this coming weekend.
5. Past Chief William Gummer will be the Grand Marshal for the Town’s Memorial Day Parade
and will be driven in the Grey Ghost.
6. Have 3 new EMT’s who are Past Chief Ed McMahon, FF Val McMahon and FF Alex
Kaplan. Two other members still need to test out, they are FF’s C. Morrisey & M. Hagler.
7. Has submitted a gear & EMS supply list for purchases.
8. Bulldog is still working on R-42, they’re waiting on power steering parts. From Bulldog, R42 will be taken to Detroit Diesel to have an engine light sensor repaired. T-42 will follow
when R-42 is back. S-42 & U-42 will also have routine PM done soon.

RF reported that the committee met and identified there are 6 manufacturers that they would like
to meet with. The committee is looking for permission to send correspondence to these
manufacture’s and see what they have to offer. There were no objections from the Board. The
committee is also looking at other funding options and the possibility of using the ladder from
the existing apparatus. The next meeting is July 25, 2024. The committee will also meet at the
upcoming NYSAFC Convention in June at Syracuse, to look at new apparatus.
RF proposed the Fire District paying for reasonable food & refreshments to DFD & WFD when
they have a significant work detail. Many tasks are being completed by the departments that
would normally have to be completed by contractors. This saves the Fire District a lot of money.
No objections from Board members.
District Personnel: No Report
Finance/Insurance/Audit: No Report
Long Range Planning:
BM will schedule a meeting of the LRP committee sometime in September.
Policies, Procedures & Membership:
1. MOTION 24M27 was made by CW and seconded by RF to approve Alan French & James
Schneider from DFD as District Firefighters. Motion Carried.
LOSAP: No Report
Business Operations & Technology:
DG reminded individuals who purchase new iPhones that it may be more beneficial to get the
Apple Care + plan vs. the carrier’s insurance on the device.
The new chief’s iPads came in and RD will be working on getting them issued.
Development Plan Review:
BM Reported on the following:
1. Reported on on-going projects and concerns.
2. There is a question regarding parking and other concerns for a proposed restaurant planned at
the location of Dr. March’s office at Route 150/136.
Firematic Operations:
1. Final Submission to OSHA regarding the Proposed Emergency Response Standard- RF
indicated that the final date to submit a response is June 21, 2024. He is proposing that the
letter be sent as proposed. This was previously approved, no objections from the Board.
RF requested permission to attend an in-person seminar on the proposed OSHA Emergency
Response Standard changes being offered by AFD-NY in Cortland, NY on 5/15/24.
RESOLUTION 24R33 was made by DG and seconded by CW to authorize Rich French to
attend an in-person seminar on OSHA Emergency Response Standard changes being offered by
AFD-NY in Cortland, NY on 5/15/24. GSA Per Diem rates will apply for lodging and expenses.
Chairman Brian McCrae requested a roll call vote: The Resolution passed with RF abstaining.
2. Water Pressure Concern – BM indicated we’re still having problems with water pressure and
will need to address this with the Utilities Department. Hydrant flow testing and flushing
should also be addressed. TH advised the board that they could possibly hire a consultant to
look at this issue. It was decided that BM and CW will schedule a meeting with elected town
officials on this matter.
Recruitment & Retention:
1. President Stehr indicated he attended a recruitment event on May 3rd at the South Colonie
High School. Representatives from several Colonie fire departments sponsored the event
with support from school administration. This was very successful and they did sign up
several high school students as junior members. DFD will try and partner with EGCSD next
year to try and do the same type of event.
2. RF proposed that he and CW join the National Volunteer Fire Council. The membership fee
is $21.00 per person. There is a lot of good materials and information that would be useful to
both departments and the district for recruitment & retention. No objections from the board.
Rich French also advise the board that he would like to create a spreadsheet that would track
new members. This would include; when they joined, started probationary training, attended
required classes (BEFO & IFO), and finished mandated training.
MOTION 24M28 was made by RF, seconded by CW to adjourn the meeting at 8:35 PM.
Motion Carried.
Respectfully Submitted,
Sean Kerwin